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Enhancing your natural beauty has never been easier than receiving permanent makeup at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics here in Mentor, OH. Permanent Makeup is one of the easiest ways to wake up in the morning and feel the best about yourself day in and day out. Many patients have similar concerns when it comes to Permanent Makeup, so we would like to answer some of them and better inform you of what to expect when having this procedure done. Lacy, our permanent cosmetic artist is fully trained and certified to give you that look you have always desired. Contact us today for more information about our permanent makeup services.

Does Permanent Makeup hurt?

This procedure should not hurt. Your Permanent Makeup Artist will place a numbing cream over the area prior to treatment. During the appointment additional numbing cream will be applied to prevent discomfort. Often only the vibration of the machine will be felt, or a slight tickling sensation may be noticed.

Is Permanent Makeup “Permanent?”

Yes. During this procedure pigment is placed into the dermal layer of the skin. You can expect the pigment to fade over the years, as any tattoo would. Touch ups may be needed every 2-5 years to bring back the vibrant color.

Is there any down time with the Permanent Makeup procedure?

During the procedure most patients will have temporary bleeding, possible bruising to the direct treatment area as well as redness and swelling. Days 1-2 there will be swelling and redness to the treatment area.  Days 3-5 the treatment area will begin to get tight and dry then peel and flake . Days 5-7 should complete the healing process. Makeup should not be worn on the direct treatment area during the healing process. There is no true down time with this procedure however, we would recommend not scheduling your treatment right before a special event.

Do I only need one Permanent Makeup treatment?

This treatment can require multiple applications of color to achieve the most desirable result. After the initial appointment, a 4 week follow up visit will be scheduled. At that time your Permanent Makeup Artist can touch up any areas that may have faded since the initial treatment.

How long does the Permanent Makeup procedure last?

Plan on two hours for your first appointment, although the treatment will not last that long. We make certain plenty of time is allowed to ask questions and address concerns before your session begins. You will also discuss your desired color and shape with your Permanent Makeup Artist, and numbing cream will be applied. The actual procedure normally lasts 30 minutes to one hour. After treatment, post procedure instructions will be reviewed and your follow up appointment will be scheduled.

Results from Permanent Makeup

To view examples of our permanent makeup patients at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics, please click here to view our photo gallery.

Contact us today at (440) NEW-FACE with questions about Permanent Makeup or to schedule a consultation!

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