3 Important Reminders When Having Dermal Fillers

There are various types of dermal fillers on the market; each addresses a different area of facial rejuvenation. There are fillers that restore facial volume effectively; others work well against deep lines and wrinkles. Whatever your reasons are for having facial fillers, we would like to point out the three important issues to consider.

1. Find the right injectable provider.

2. Manage your expectations.

During initial consultations at Northcoast Laser, we encourage our patients to think and re-examine their expectations for the procedure. First, the effects of fillers are temporary. Second, fillers are not meant to help you save a relationship or finally achieve the same look as your favorite celebrity. Fillers will help you improve your appearance and boost your confidence, but they won’t completely change your life.

3. Know when to stop.

Many patients assume that having more injections will translate in better results. However, fillers are designed to produce desired outcomes through tiny amounts. The takeaway here is to maintain balance and use fillers to enhance your existing features rather than to completely change the way you look.

Getting Started with Dermal Fillers

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