3 Things About Tattoo Removal That You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Life will probably be much better if we use Ctrl+Z in real life. Unfortunately, it only happens in the movies and the choices you make today will surely have their own set of repercussions sooner or later. Here at our Mentor laser cosmetic practice, we have witnessed such repercussions in the form of tattoo regret.

During personal consultations, we noticed that majority of our clients seeking tattoo removal services have a lot of misconceptions concerning tattoo removal. We dispel these myths below!

1. Laser tattoo removal is not safe.

It is safe! In fact, the FDA thinks it is. Here’s what they have to say about laser tattoo removal. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of choosing a highly-experienced and professional trained laser tattoo removal provider or technician to ensure optimum safety.

2. It’s difficult to remove tattoos on darker skin tones.

The truth is that laser energy can remove tattoos on darker skin tones but it may take longer and may require more sessions than those with lighter skin tones.

3. Tattoo removal creams work in removing tattoos so I’d rather choose creams than go for laser removal.

This is actually false! Creams may help fade a tattoo but it won’t completely remove it. In fact, creams cannot penetrate to target the secondary layer of your skin.

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