The 4 Best Areas in the Face that Can Benefit from Dermal Fillers

According to the recent statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent roughly 2.5 billion dollars on injectables in 2013. Apart from Botox, the soaring popularity of injectables can also be attributed to dermal fillers a collective term for injectables that are used to fill in areas of the skin that have significantly lost volume resulting to lines and creases associated with old age.

If you’ve been figuring out if whether or not dermal fillers will work for you, read on below to learn which areas of the face can obtain optimum desired outcomes from dermal fillers:

  • Tear Troughs – also known as eye hollows sitting between the eyelids and the cheeks resulting to tired-looking eyes. As one of the initial signs of aging, tear troughs are also the most difficult to fix. By and large, dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid (a naturally-occurring substance in the body which has been shown to maintain skin elasticity and responsible for naturally-youthful skin) have been shown to significantly improve the appearance of tear troughs and make it appear less noticeable. Specifically, Juvederm has been shown to work best for tear troughs among fillers that contain hyaluronic acid.
  • Nasolabial Folds – also known as parentheses. These lines often traverse from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth and may appear permanently as you get older. Many of our patients who have had success with correction of nasolabial folds include Juvederm, Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra.
  • Cheekbones – A combination of aging and genetics influence how your cheekbones appear. A lucky few may be gifted with classic high cheekbones that look stunning. For majority, having well-defined cheekbones can be achieved with dermal fillers through Juvederm and Sculptra. Fat injections have been shown to effectively plump the cheeks.
  • Lips – A combination of youthful fullness and upturned corners makes the perfect lips and this can be achieved through fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. When it comes to having the perfect pout, it is best to be lean towards the conservative side as a little dose of fillers can certainly go a long way.

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