5 Ways To Spend Less Time Getting Ready And Still Look Your Best

5 Ways To Spend Less Time Getting Ready And Still Look Your Best 2

1. Prepare Your Outfit Ahead Of Time

Instead of spending time in the morning debating with yourself about outfits, only to realize that the shirt you finally picked isn’t pressed, plan your outfit the night before and lay out all the pieces to make sure everything is ready.

2. Choose Beauty Products That Multitask

Try a hair product that de-tangles, works as a leave in conditioner, and adds shine all at once. The fewer products you have to apply to your hair, the faster getting ready will be, and as an added bonus, your hair will stay cleaner.

Consider using the same color on your lips and your cheeks to save time and unify your look. You can also try using a CC cream that moisturizes, color corrects, and protects your skin from the sun all at once.

3. Make The Most Of Your Beauty Rest

Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean you can’t put the night to good use. Shower before going to bed and braid your hair while it is still a little damp. In the morning, you’ll have loose sexy waves, and you won’t have to spend time blow-drying you hair.

4. Stop Shaving

Shaving, waxing, and plucking all take up valuable time and to make matters worse, hair removal can often be painful. Save time and prevent razor burn by getting laser hair removal. You’ll get long lasting results that will save you time every single day.

5. Get Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can also significantly speed up your morning routine. If you can’t leave the house without touching up your eyebrows and applying eyeliner, permanent makeup is a great option to consider. Permanent makeup makes it possible for you to start the day out looking polished before you pick up a pencil or makeup brush.

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