Barb’s Patient Journey Part 1

Hair loss is a common condition. It is estimated that around 50 percent of women will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime. Androgenetic alopecia, also known as female pattern hair loss, affects approximately 30 million women in the US. Among these women is Barb, 56, is a Registered Nurse who works as a certified aesthetic consultant and managing esthetician at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics of Mentor, Ohio.

While hair loss can affect an individual’s sense of self, Barb is a confident woman. She hasn’t let her hair loss define her or make her feel restricted. However, she decided to undergo hair restoration with Keralase, the latest hair loss treatment, to see if it genuinely works. Her results have been outstanding, and she’s eager for Mentor residents and surrounding communities to take advantage of the treatment.

This is Barb’s story.

Hair Loss at a Cosmetic’s Practice

Barb has been working for Northcoast Laser Cosmetics since 2003. She’s seen many, many patients step in the doors of the cosmetic practice and have their life changed. Occasionally, she would undergo treatments herself to boost her appearance. Particularly, her hair has been a cosmetic concern.

“I didn’t like when overhead lights would shine down my head because it would really show how thin my hair was,” she says, reflecting on when she’d perform esthetic treatments on other patients.

While she didn’t let the appearance of her hair get to her, she gradually became more aware of her hair loss.

“Before getting this treatment, when I would shampoo my hair, I would pretty much lose a handful of hair,” she says.

Before the world went into lockdown because of the pandemic, Barb started PRP injection therapy, a therapy that involves utilizing your blood to stimulate hair growth. However, the treatment was not comfortable for her, and she could not see how far she could have gone with the treatment because of lockdown restrictions.

“Being where I worked, we’re always looking for the greatest thing, the next big thing out there,” Barb says. “We were aware of PRP for hair restoration, but I couldn’t give that a fair shot because of COVID, and it really hurt like a son-of-a-gun.”

Keralase Inception

When lockdown restrictions eased, Barb returned to the Northcoast offices. While she was working, a Lutronic representative mentioned the new Keralase hair restoration treatment to her.

“I was talking to the rep one day, and they said, ‘By the way, I don’t know if you are aware of this Keralase treatment…’ and I kind of perked up,” she says, “and started down that path.”

Keralase was a particularly interesting treatment for Barb. She is knowledgeable about aesthetic treatments, and the science behind Keralase seemed reliable to her.

“My background is in aesthetic medicine, so I’m not just your average person looking for treatments when I research,” she says.

The difference between PRP hair restoration and Keralase stood out to her.

“The thing that really caught my attention about Keralase is that when you draw your own blood for PRP, there are growth factors within it that can actually hinder hair growth,” she says. “With Keralase, it is all plant-based and man-made growth factors, and they put in factors that only promote hair growth.”

After researching the treatment, Barb was all in and ready to undergo the six treatments that are performed over the course of 12 weeks.

“On a physiological level, that really made sense to me. So I was on board from the get-go and have been pleasantly surprised to see that it worked.”

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At the Hairdressers

Barb began her Keralase treatment sessions in December of 2020. Barb’s results were already becoming visible in as little as three to four treatment sessions, approximately six weeks. She recalls going to her hairdresser and how amazed her hairdresser, Tammy of Villagio Salon and Spa, was about her results.

“Between the third and fourth treatment, I went to go get my haircut, and my hairdresser knew that I was undergoing treatment,” Barb says. “She was pretty amazed. She was parting my hair and showing me. I had little half-inch hairs all over my head. She’s been cutting my hair for the last ten years, and she noticed a definite difference.”

Barb was only halfway through her treatment, and her new hair growth has been exceptional. The Keralase treatment produces results, and each time she has gone to Villagio Salon and Spa, Tammy has been amazed.

“It’s so exciting each time Barb comes in, and I see the new growth!” Tammy of Villagio Salon and Spa says. “When I run through the root area, it feels thicker. It’s life-changing for the industry!”

If you are a resident of Mentor, OH, or surrounding communities and are interested in learning more about the Keralase treatment, please contact Northcoast Laser Cosmetics at 440-639-3223 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation.