Bid Adieu to the Tattoo

And sometimes in these changes, tattoos don’t fit it.

That’s when you can come see us at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics. We use our extensive laser technology and experience to remove even the most detailed tattoos.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Before today’s lasers, the only way to get rid of a tattoo was either through dermabrasion, which involves abrading the top few layers of the skin, or surgical removal. Unfortunately, both of those methods left extensive scarring and were quite painful.

But lasers have changed all that. We set the laser to a wavelength that will be absorbed by the color we want to target. Then the laser delivers quick pulses of light energy that is absorbed by the color. The energy breaks the pigment into particles small enough that the body’s lymphatic system can then remove them naturally.

Why does it take multiple treatments?

There are various factors involved in laser tattoo removal. How effective each session depends on the color, depth it was placed, the age of the tattoo, chemical composition of the inks, and other factors. Black, red, dark orange, and dark blue respond very quickly to laser treatment. Unfortunately, green, purple, brown, light orange and light blue are more stubborn.

That adds up to multiple treatments to break down the inks. Most tattoos require some treatments at 6-8 week intervals. Depending on the colors and depths of those colors, tattoos take a span of 3-13 sessions to fully clear.

Is it painful? What happens afterward?

Most of our Northcoast patients say the laser energy creates a feeling of a rubber band snapping at the target areas. If you want, we can apply numbing cream to the tattoo 30-45 minutes before your treatment.

After your session, your tattoo may become whitish and swollen. A red halo may surround the tattoo. These issues will subside with some icing.

Tired of the tattoo? Call the laser experts at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics, 440-NEW-FACE, and let’s get to work removing it.