Laser Treatment for Acne – Curing From the Source

Crow’s FeetThere’s an inherent problem with over-the-counter acne treatments – they don’t attack the root cause of the problem. There are great creams, washes, and treatments that might help temporarily reduce the appearance of spots and help with the skin’s reddening. But no matter how many of these products you use or how often, it’s only a matter of time until things flare up again. That’s because, while they may cleanse the skin and remove excess oil, they do nothing to attack the cause of acne – the production of the oil.

That’s why at Northcoast Laser we recommend considering a course of laser treatment to anyone that’s either tried every acne treatment out there. It’s a relatively simple, comfortable treatment that goes right to the core of the problem, slowing down the oil-producing glands and bacteria that are responsible for causing acne. By mounting a two-headed approach on both bacteria and the glands, acne laser treatment is about far more than just masking the effects – it’s about making a lasting difference.

So quit torturing your skin with harsh creams and chemicals. Opt instead for a course of laser acne treatment at Northcoast Laser.

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