Botox Ruler of the Dynamic Wrinkle

Botox is such a well-known name that people think it has been around forever. In reality, this popular injectable was only approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in 2002. But as soon as that happened, the roof blew off! Every year since then, Botox has been the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical. It has become a bigger star than most of the celebrities who swear by it.
Still, not everyone knows how Botox does its magic. And some people believe myths they have heard about Botox. Here’s some background from your friends at Northcoast.
Stopping the messages

It’s no secret why Botox is so successful it works. Dynamic wrinkles and creases are caused by repeated muscle contractions when we perform day-to-day actions such as smiling or frowning. (These are different than static wrinkles, which are present at all times.) Botox actually blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscle, so the injected muscle can’t contract. And when those muscles that create crow’s feet and forehead creases don’t contract, the wrinkles above them don’t form, or are at least far less noticeable. This makes the patient look years, sometimes decades, younger. The rest is history.

Temporary results

Once Botox is injected, its effects last from four to six months. At that point, the body absorbs the now-harmless Botox and the muscles start to activate again, and with them the wrinkles return. To maintain your results, another Botox session is needed.

A Botox session

Botox sessions are fast, lasting just a few minutes. There is no downtime, although there may be some slight swelling and redness at the injection sites. At Northcoast, we advise our Botox patients to avoid rubbing the injected areas for 12 hours, as that can cause the Botox to migrate to unwanted spots. Results usually take from three to seven days to fully show themselves.

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