Chemical Peels Are For Men Too!

Chemical Peels Are For Men Too! 2

In-office skin treatments such as chemical peels are extremely popular with our female patients. Yet an increasing number of men are now open to the idea of having chemical peels, along with facials and injectables. The New York Times recently ran a story about the soaring popularity of chemical peels among men.

According to Mr. Robert Tomson, one of the men interviewed in the story, chemical peels are a “perfect little pick-me-up” for him. “It takes care of ingrown hairs and gives me the instant feel of getting a facial,” he said.

Unlike women, men rarely read online reviews or do extensive research before deciding on a cosmetic treatment. Here at our practice, we make recommendations based on the man’s cosmetic issues and personal preferences. Often, men prefer lighter, gentler chemical peels because they don’t want the longer downtimes associated with stronger peels.

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