Choosing Between Botox and Juvederm for Removal of Wrinkles

Botox and Juvederm are two cosmetic procedures which are extremely popular among individuals who want to look young and beautiful at all times. Both the procedures promise the same results i.e. removal of wrinkles. However, the process through which the results are achieved varies greatly. Botox utilizes type A toxin which reduces and limits the muscle function of the area of the face where it is injected. As a result, the muscles that cause the wrinkles relax and the wrinkles disappear. Juvederm, on the other hand, is essentially a filler material which is used to fill the region beneath the wrinkle in order to give the region a smoother appearance. Both the procedures have their pros and cons and after considering them, you should be able to decide as to which treatment would provide you with better results.

The Success Rate

Botox injections have been around for a while and many individuals have used these injections to appear younger and fresher with great success. On the other hand, Juvederm is a relatively newer treatment and hasn’t passed the test of time as much as the Botox treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that the treatment hasn’t got a great success rate. It’s just that since it’s rather new, its track record isn’t as great as Botox’s.

Side Effects

Each medical procedure has some side-effects unless it is a natural treatment. Since Juvederm is all natural, it has no side-effects at all. You won’t feel any after-effects of the treatment at all. On the other hand, Botox treatment has a few side-effects. A major side-effect is the temporary freezing of some parts of the face which can be daunting for a number of patients. There are also complaints of dizziness and headaches by patients for a few days after taking Botox injections.

The Time for Which the Results Last

The results of each treatment last for a different amount of time. While the results of Juvederm treatment can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months, the results of Botox treatments usually don’t last for around 4 to 6 months. To make it really simple for you, you will probably require a single Juvederm treatment in a year while you would need two to three Botox treatments in the same time depending on which treatment you opt for.


A single Juvederm treatment costs more than a single Botox treatment. However, since Juvederm treatments last longer as compared to Botox treatments, the cost ends up being similar for both the treatments that promise the removal of wrinkles.

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