Clear Up a Scaly Red Ugly Acne

Are you bothered by those ugly acne blemishes that appear as scaly red dots on your face? Patients suffering from acne can benefit from a revolutionary treatment for those ugly blemishes through Laser Acne Treatments in Mentor, OH at North Coast Laser Cosmetics in Ohio. Many people want a perfect facial complexion without scars, blotches, or acne. These bothersome imperfections hinder the true beautiful features of our face.

Acne develops when the sebaceous glands, located at the bottom of our hair follicles, produce too much oil. This causes the clogging of pores. The presence of bacteria on these clogged pores leads to inflammation and pus formation resulting in the acne or pimples on the face. Acne blemishes can appear at your face, neck, chest, shoulders, back and any parts of your body where skin has a greater amount of oil glands.

An acne laser treatment at North Coast Laser Cosmetics can effectively target those acne causing bacteria and stop the bacteria to breed more on the oil glands. This will also bring the oil production to a normal level. Your doctor at North Coast Laser Cosmetic can recommend a specific treatment plan for you to achieve the desired results.

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