Get Intense with Your Unwanted Hair

Get Intense with Your Unwanted Hair 2

At Northcoast Laser Cosmetics, you can say goodbye to all of those literal and figurative pains with our Pain-Free, Hair-Free hair removal treatment. Your skin will love you for it!

Pain-Free, Hair-Free is the next generation of intense pulsed light hair removal. It’s simple, effective, and, best of all, probably the most comfortable hair removal procedure available today.

How does Pain-Free, Hair-Free work?

Intense pulsed light is similar to laser light, but IPL encompasses a wider wavelength. When the IPL is delivered down onto the unwanted hair, the hair shaft absorbs the light energy, which travels down the shaft into the hair follicle. As it is absorbed the light energy converts to heat and when the heat reaches the hair follicle it damages the follicle. This inhibits or prevents the follicle from growing hair. Voila, no more shaving!

The phase is important

Hair is more complicated than you think, kind of like the high school classmate who was a perpetual stoner yet founded a highly profitable tech startup. Human hair has three phases to its growth cycle. The important phase is called the anagen, or growth, phase. When hairs are in this phase, they respond very well to IPL and laser energy. The catagen phase is an intermediate phase, moving from growth to rest. Hair in this phase still responds to hair removal energy, but not well toward the end of this phase. The final phase if telogen, which is the resting or shedding stage. Hair in the telogen phase isn’t affected by IPL energy, as the body is already in the process of shedding the hair. This doesn’t allow the IPL energy to travel down the shaft and damage the follicle.

A sea of hair

Every hair on the human body is playing by its rules, and each can be in any of the above three phases. And since the average adult human body has around 5 million hair follicles (men a few hundred thousand more, women a few hundred thousand less), that means many hairs aren’t in the right phase. That’s why IPL and laser hair removal treatments require multiple appointments to get rid of 80% or more of your unwanted hair. At one time only around 20% of your hair may be in the desired anagen phase. To hit more and more of the targeted hair in the right phase, we usually recommend eight Pain-Free, Hair-Free treatments.

Does the hair come back?

Depending on where the hair was in the growth cycle, sometimes the follicle is damaged, but not permanently. It can mend and return to growing hair. That’s why some maintenance appointments are necessary over time to keep the hair away. We offer reduced rates for these maintenance treatments.

Why not get intense with your unwanted hair and tell Gillette and Schick where they can go? Call Northcoast Laser at 440-NEW-FACE for your Pain-Free, Hair-Free appointment.