Give Those Zits the Star Wars Treatment

Give Those Zits the Star Wars Treatment 2

With the crazy success of the latest Star Wars movie, it’s easy to think of lasers as blasters or weapons on the Millennium Falcon. But what if we turned those lasers away from the Stormtroopers and onto those blemishes on your teenager’s face? The result would be laser acne treatments at Northcoast Laser and the success would be very exciting to your teen.

Laser acne treatments are a dramatically different way to address and treat acne. Research shows that lasers are safe and effective when treating acne on the face, chest, or back. And they come with none of the side effects of current treatments seriously dry skin, severe redness, even mental depression.

What causes acne?

How does NorthCoast Laser treatment work?

Our lasers have a two-fold effect on acne. First, we set the wavelength of the light to target the p.acnes bacteria. The laser energy kills much of the bacteria and inhibits its ability to multiply. The laser energy also slows down the overactive sebaceous gland production of oil.

How long does it take?

We typically recommend five weeks of treatment, with patients coming in for two treatments each week. Obviously, every case is unique, so this may vary. Sessions take around 30 minutes.

Let’s zap those zits with our acne laser treatments. Call us at 440-NEW-FACE to schedule your teenager.