Give Your Teenager’s Acne the Laser Treatment

These days, if you say anything about lasers it’s likely about the blasters used in Star Wars. But in addition to fighting the evil First Order, lasers are very effective in fighting acne. Yes, the team at Northcoast Laser puts our lasers to work banishing that bane of your teenager, zits.

Know the causes of acne

Figuring out the causes of acne isn’t rocket science, although some dermatologists want to make you think it is. Acne is caused when the sebaceous glands found at the bottom of hair follicles overproduce sebum (oil). The cells lining the hair follicles can also play a part. If they shed too quickly they can block the oil from escaping, clogging the pores. Once the pores clog, whiteheads and blackheads are soon to follow. Now add Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) bacteria to the mix. These bacteria are found on the skin and they love to grow in clogged pores. This causes an inflammatory response from the skin pus. The end result of all of this are acne lesions, a fancy term for pimples.

Lasers to the rescue

How do lasers fight acne?

Like Luke fighting the Dark Side, lasers target the p.acnes bacteria, inhibiting the ability of the bacteria to multiply. The laser energy also slows down the overactive sebaceous glands, helping to reduce sebum production.

Results and treatments

The cool thing about our laser treatment of acne is that the effects are cumulative. The number of zits and the severity of breakouts reduce over the course of treatment. And for many patients, the results keep improving after their last treatment!

Most treatment schedules last five weeks with two treatments per week. A session takes only around 30 minutes.

So, while the Millennium Falcon puts lasers to good use, at Northcoast Laser we use them to fight the evil empire that is acne! Call us at 440-639-3223 and let’s take a look at your teenager’s acne.