Guys Shouldn’t Get All the Skin Resurfacing

Well ladies, you don’t have to resort to shaving to get the same benefits. Simply have a dermaplaning session with the team at Northcoast Laser.

What does dermaplaning do for my skin?

Dermaplaning is a two-step exfoliation treatment. Step one utilizes a sterile surgical blade that is passed gently over the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells and unwanted fine hair. Next, we add a light chemical peel to the skin. By combining the two procedures, we achieve deeper penetration to soften fine lines and address uneven pigmentation.

Yeah, but it has to hurt, right?

You may think dermaplaning would hurt like crazy. After all, we’re dragging a metal blade across your skin. But by running the blade over your skin at a precise angle, there is no pain, only effective skin exfoliation. You don’t even need a topical anesthetic! The chemical peel portion of our treatment creates a slight tingling on your cheeks, but that’s about it.

Recovery must be a pain, though, right? Wrong. There is NO recovery time. Afterwards your skin may be a bit tight, but that passes in a few hours. You can have some gentle flaking in a day or so, but that is minimal, as well. Because our dermaplaning gives your skin a healthy glow, we often recommend the treatment right before you attend a big event such as a wedding or gala.

How long does it take and what do I do afterwards?

At Northcoast, our dermaplaning only takes around 45 minutes. That’s less than your lunchtime! Before you leave, we will apply specific skincare products in tune with your particular skin type. That’s all that is needed for the rest of the day. The next morning a gentle cleanser and moisturizer is all that is needed. Makeup is fine.

OK, I look great. How often can I have this done?

Dermaplaning is so non-invasive, yet so effective, you can have it done monthly to keep up with skin cell turnover and eliminate any new hair growth.

Are you interested in the healthy skin effects of shaving without the actual shaving? Call the Northcoast team at 440-NEW-FACE and ask about our dermaplaning treatments.