Have You Thought About Your Hands Too?

Have a hand lift with Radiesse.

The plumpness and firmness of your hand skin can be restored with facial fillers. Specifically, Radiesse has been shown to instantly restore volume and to also stimulate the body to generate collagen, a component of protein that makes the skin appear plumper and naturally youthful. And Radiesse is long lasting; results can last up to two years with only a few touch-ups in between.

Try laser skin resurfacing procedures.

Laser procedures are ideal for improving the appearance of skin that has been damaged through frequent sun exposure and has uneven pigmentation. Many of our patients have expressed satisfaction with laser treatments for removing brown spots on their hands.

Reduce visibility of hand veins with sclerotherapy.

This procedure typically takes about 30 minutes and anesthesia usually isn’t necessary. The number of treatments required depends on the severity and number of hand veins.

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