Help! What to Do With Blotchy Skin?

Help! What to Do With Blotchy Skin? 2

Men and women alike visit us here at the Northcoast Laser Cosmetics for various reasons. We have noticed though that concerns associated with blotchy skin is quite common. By and large, treatment for mottled skin should be centered on what is exactly causing the blotchiness in the first place.

Possible Causes of Blotchy Skin

  • Seasonal Shifts – A combination of extreme fluctuations in temperature and dry weather may lead to the appearance of blotchy skin in the face, neck, chest, and extremities. Allergens that appear during certain seasons may also trigger the skin to turn mottled and slightly swollen.
  • Hormonal Changes – This is quite common in women who regularly experience hormonal surges or fluctuations such as in pregnancy and menopause.
  • Genetics – Blotchy skin tend to be more obvious in fair-skinned individuals than those with darker complexion.
  • Stress – There are individuals who find themselves with red, inflamed and sometimes itchy skin when they’re experiencing stressful situations. In most cases, this blotchiness will disappear once the stress itself has disappeared.
  • Environmental factors such as dust and animal dander.

Laser Treatment for Blotchy Skin

As mentioned earlier, treating blotchy skin will largely depend on its underlying cause. For majority of our patients here at our practice, laser treatment has worked wonders for their blotchy skin woes.

Light energy targets the redness of broken blood vessels. The treatment closes off the unnecessary vessels so they’re not visible on the surface of the skin. In addition, the energy is also absorbed by the darkened pigment in brown spots (if it exists) causing the extra pigment to dissipate resulting to a clearer complexion!

Do you have questions concerning laser treatments for blotchy skin? Call us at 440.639.3223 or fill out this contact form today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get rid of the unsightly and mottled skin once and for all!