How Do I Get Rid of Unwanted Hair? Let Us Count the Ways!

How Do I Get Rid of Unwanted Hair? Let Us Count the Ways! 2

According to recent statistics by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, hair removal treatments rank third on the list of the top five nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. If you’ve been wondering which hair removal technique will effectively deliver the results on your end, below is a breakdown of the different hair removal methods with their corresponding pros and cons.

Shaving is the most common and cheapest hair removal method. Generally, it works best to get rid of unwanted hair on the underarms and legs. However, it may not be ideal for facial areas (in women) and the bikini line because it can result in painful burns, nicks, and cuts. Also, since you’re not pulling out the entire hair, regrowth begins immediately.

This hair removal method is ideal for maintaining eyebrow shape. It is best to have a professional initially remove your stray eyebrow hair. Then you can tweeze the stray hairs yourself to maintain the shape of your eyebrows.

Waxing eliminates unwanted hair through the application of resin to the hair (which sticks to the hair after a few minutes) and using a piece of cloth to pull the hair’s root. This option works best on the bikini line and legs as it takes longer for hair to grow in those areas. You’ll be hair-free for three to six weeks with waxing. The absence of stubble is an added bonus.

Pain during waxing is one of the method’s drawbacks but regular waxers report that tolerance to pain increases with subsequent sessions.

Laser Treatments
Laser hair removal is a great choice if you’re looking for a long-term hair removal option. This procedure is less painful than waxing and can be performed on almost every part of the body such as the bikini line, chest, arms, back, underarms, and lip area. Generally, treatments are quick, lasting 10 minutes or so. But multiple sessions are required to fully remove hair in some areas.

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