How To Look After Your New Luxurious Lashes

If eyes are the windows to the soul then why not show them some love with a new look. Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and eyebrows with our expert lash and eyebrow tinting. Whilst most people love the idea of no mascara, long and lovely lashes many wonder whether the process requires any extra effort on their part. Our team of experts take care of the tinting process for you making the process simply and easy for you but there is a few after care tips to take into consideration.

Things to Remember after your Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting Appointment

  • Resist the temptation to rub or touch your eyes straight after the treatment. This is not permanent and is just to be avoided in the first few hours after your session.
  • Do not apply mascara for at least 24 hours, after that you can resume using your normal mascara.
  • If your eyes or eyelids become irritated you can apply a cotton wool ball or makeup removal pad with cold water to the affected area.
  • Avoid high moisture activities such as washing your hair or swimming within the first 24 hours to avoid color loss. After this 24 hour period it is business as usual.
  • Direct or intense sunlight can speed up the fading process.
  • The tint will fade in about 1 month as hair grows out. This varies according to environmental factors and whether you had lash or brow tinting.
  • Eyelash tints last longer than eyebrow tints, with eyebrow tints lasting 2 to 4 weeks and eyelashes lasting 4 to 6 weeks.
  • You can book your next appointment with us for 6 weeks after your tinting session.

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting can transform your face and make your eyes stand out. This no fuss, safe approach to beauty can help you achieve the results you want without expensive and cumbersome extensions or smudgy, running mascara.