No More Peach Fuzz for You

No More Peach Fuzz for You 2

So, why not come into Northcoast and get a little dermaplaning done?

At Northcoast, we combine dermaplaning with a light chemical peel for a double lovefest for your facial skin. It’s a perfect way to get ready for spring and summer.

What is dermaplaning?

OK, so dermaplaning sounds like something you would see on HGTV. The way we do dermaplaning makes for a sweet two-step exfoliation.

In step one, we take a sterile blade, a 10-gauge scalpel to be more precise. Wait! That sounds scary! Not with our aestheticians at Northcoast. First, they Cleanse and thoroughly dry your skin. Next, they pull an area of your skin taut with one hand and hold the sterile blade at a 45-degree angle to the other. Usually short, swift upward strokes are used to very effectively scrape off dead skin cells and that hated peach fuzz.

Think of it being similar to what your husband or boyfriend does every morning. And why should he get the daily exfoliation of shaving?!

We add a chemical peel

At Northcoast, we don’t stop with just the dermaplaning. After we’re done with that, we apply a light chemical peel to your skin. The two procedures combined allow for deeper penetration to soften fine lines and uneven pigment and assist in skin cell turnover.


There isn’t any downtime whatsoever. After your session, your skin will be a little pink, but that will pass in a few hours. There may be some slight tightening and gentle flaking (from the chemical peel), but this is done within a day or two. Then, all you have to deal with is your skin with its radiant glow and baby soft feel!

Leave the peach fuzz to the cobbler. Call us at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics, 440-NEW-FACE, and make an appointment for some dermaplaning. Your skin will thank you.