We Offer the ZO Skin Health Product Line

Cleanse The first steps are preparation and are called the GSR System. In the first step, products cleanse the skin and remove surface debris. There are hydrating cleansers, exfoliating cleansers, and cleansers for different skin types.

Scrub The second step involves scrubbing away dead skin cells. An exfoliating polish and an acne treatment salicylic acid fill this step.

Oil Control & Tone This third step in the Obagi GSR preparation series uses oil pads for acne control and a calming toner.

Treatment Once the skin is prepped with the GSR series, it’s time for treatment. This area of the ZO Skin Health product line is the most diverse. Here we offer all kinds of different treatment options: Daily Power Defense, Growth Factor Serum Plus, Advanced Radical Night Repair, Intense Eye Repair, Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment, Exfoliation Accelerator, Acne Treatments, Skin Lighteners, different Retinol options, and various normalizing options.

Hydration and Calming Once your skin problems have received treatment, it’s time to calm things down with various anti-inflammatory products. We offer a Renewal Cr me, Overnight Recovery Cr me, Soothing Recovery Cr me, and Epidermal Repair Cr me.

Sun Protection We offer four ZO Skin Health UVA/UVB sunscreen options.

Enhancers These are formulated to enhance your skin health regimen. For this step we offer Correcting Hand and Body Scrub, Nourishing Hand Cr me, Body Emulsion Plus, Lash Enhancing Serum, Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, Intensive Resurfacing Peel, Correct & Conceal (light and medium formulations).

Peels We offer a ZO Controlled Depth Peel for home use, in addition to our professional peels.

Programs + Kits We also offer various ZO Skin Health kits that include various products. These come with various goals such as anti-aging, acne prevention and treatment, and the like.

At Northcoast, we trust the ZO Skin Health line for our patients. Call us at 440-NEW-FACE and ask us about it.