Keralase Is Taking the Hair Restoration Industry By Storm

Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss each year. The commonality of hair loss has led to the development of products and treatments that claim to correct the issue. You are probably all too familiar with these treatments and products: one is a cream that will somehow make your hair grow back overnight. The other is a pill that seemingly stimulates your hair follicles, or another is a combination of the two. There are also injections that utilize your blood for hair growth stimulation, which can be painful and may not produce the results you want. But, as you are probably aware, these treatments and products don’t really improve your hair growth in the long run. Sure, they may stimulate your hair growth a little bit, but they never lead to satisfying results.

Thankfully, a new hair restoration treatment is taking the industry by storm. Keralase is an advanced nonsurgical laser hair restoration treatment that utilizes the power of skin proteins to stimulate hair growth. Kerlase is a treatment that’s typically found in major cities such as Hollywood or New York City. Currently offered at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics and serving residents of Northeast Ohio. We are excited to announce we now offer Keralase to our community, which will be performed under one of our expert laser practitioners’ guidance.

Hair Restoration With Keralase

Keralase is a treatment that essentially consists of two parts. The treatment utilizes the power of the LaseMD, a fractional non-ablative laser that creates micro-channels into the scalp. Through these micro-channels, a proprietary blend of skin proteins, growth factors and other stimulating ingredients, known as KeraFactor. The proprietary blend includes a mix of seven concentrated growth factors and proteins that makes your hair follicles function more effectively, causing your hair growth to improve. This proprietary blend’s proteins and growth factors are also wrapped in nanoliposome, an encapsulation technology that increases their absorption rate by five to seven times.

Keralase is the result of over six years of intensive research. The treatment is a game-changer in the world of hair restoration because it offers viable results. The proprietary blend utilized for the treatment is particularly unique because it is the only commercially available topical that has growth factors in such a high concentration.

The Keralase Process:

A Keralase treatment is a relatively simple process that produces noticeable results. Initially, you will meet with one of our laser specialists during an initial consultation.

Preparing for Treatment

During a consultation, your hair loss will be graded and what type of treatment options based on your unique circumstances will be discussed. The consultation will also include reviewing your medical history and any hair treatments you may have undergone so far. If Keralase is deemed a suitable hair restoration option for you, our laser specialist will provide you with the steps you will need to take to prepare for your treatment.

The Keralase Treatment

The Keralase Treatment Your Keralase treatment will begin by applying the LaseMD laser to areas of your scalp that your laser specialist deems most suitable. Micro-channels are created that allow for deep and maximum penetration of the proprietary blend. After the laser is applied, the KeraFactor serum is massaged into your scalp.

After the Keralase Treatment

Treatment Keralase requires no downtime, you can return to normal activities immediately after treatment. However, you will be recommended not to wash your hair on that first day of treatment. A medicated shampoo or conditioner may be recommended after treatment to help speed up your results.

Keralase Results

You should undergo the Keralase treatment at least six times. Treatment is recommended to be had once every two weeks for a total of twelve weeks. If you follow the recommended number of sessions, hair improvement can be visible in as little as three months. Everyone responds differently to the Keralase treatment, so results vary.

Keralase in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keralase is a unique and safe treatment that causes virtually no pain. At most, you will experience a slight warming sensation during the treatment but will experience no pain or discomfort during the entire treatment. The lack of discomfort during treatment makes it particularly favorable for patients wary of undergoing other more painful hair restoration treatments.

The Keralase treatment typically requires six sessions that take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The treatment sessions will be spaced two weeks apart over twelve weeks.

Kerlase is a successful treatment that was developed after six years of intensive research. The patent-pending KeraFactor serum consists of seven polypeptides that were specifically chosen because they are known to promote stronger hair and scalp growth. Studies have shown that people with thinning hair or baldness lack certain growth factors. Delivering the KeraFactor serum into the scalp will promote growth.

The treatment should not be performed on patients that have a history of skin cancer on their scalp. The treatment should also not be performed on someone that has an active infection on their scalp. If you experience an allergic reaction because of the Keralase proprietary blend, you should contact your provider immediately. Candidacy will be determined during an initial consultation.

Risks and side effects will be discussed before you undergo a Keralase treatment. Common and short-term side effects include redness or a heating sensation that goes away after about one day and swelling that can last three to seven days. Keralase is a safe treatment that is not known to have any negative interactions with other drugs, vitamins or supplements.

Hair loss is no fun. While it is a fairly common experience, when it happens, it can gradually affect a sufferer’s confidence and may affect how they perceive themselves. Many treatments and products on the market claim to promote hair growth, but they never create long-lasting results, and all you are left with is a scalp that continues to shed.

Keralase, offered at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics of Northeast Ohio, is the hair loss solution you deserve. The treatment utilizes the power of lasers to create micro-channels in your scalp, through which a specially formulated proprietary blend penetrates the deep layers of your scalp to promote hair growth.

At Northcoast Laser Cosmetics, we care about your appearance and know that hair plays a significant role in an individual’s image. We want to help regain your image by regrowing your hair with Keralase. If you are interested, please contact us at 440-276-5340.

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