Restore Your Youthful Look with Pixel Perfect

Have you heard of Pixel Perfect skin rejuvenation? Pixel Perfect may sound unfamiliar to you but this type of skin rejuvenation is offered by your Mentor cosmetic provider named North Coast Laser Cosmetics. You will see a dramatic improvement with your skin’s tone and texture with a Pixel Perfect treatment.

What is Pixel Perfect?

Pixel Perfect is a different type of facial aesthetic treatment with the use of an infrared laser light. The primary purpose with this type of treatment is to restore your youthful glow and vitality of your skin and to stimulate the natural collagen production. As we get a little bit older our natural production of collagen which plays a great part with the beauty and youthful glow of the skin will start to deplete. But, with Pixel Perfect, your collagen production is boosted and skin will tighten. Pixel Perfect fractional rejuvenation procedure performed at North Coast Laser can help reverse signs of aging and erase bothersome sun damage or acne scarring.

How does it work?

The infrared lights of a Pixel Perfect device will help remove the upper layer of your skin through very safe microscopic skin perforations. You will never have to worry since the skin perforations will not affect the surrounding skin and are almost undetectable which will heal swiftly and easily. Each treatment will trigger the growth of new skin tissue. You can restore your youthful look because the existing facial imperfections will be replaced by healthier and smooth skin tissues. There is a lower risk of complications compared to other facial aesthetic rejuvenations such as a traditional laser skin resurfacing.

Who is an ideal candidate?

To learn if Pixel Perfect is suitable for you or you want to erase the signs of aging, skin blemishes and restore your skin’s youthful look, you have to consult with any of the credible physicians of North Coast Laser. We can help you determine the ideal treatment plan for your skin rejuvenation needs.

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