RICE Your Best Friend Following Treatment

RICE Your Best Friend Following Treatment 2

R – Rest – The more rest you get, the stronger your body is and the more it can focus on healing your incisions and other points of treatment. Overdoing things like walking simply makes your body have to, in effect, lose its focus on recovery.

I – Ice – There’s almost nothing in the world better for reducing swelling and dulling discomfort than good old-fashioned ice. Ice must be applied in accordance with your surgeon’s instructions, but you can rely on ice.

C – Compression – Not applicable to all procedures, of course, but in many cases it is of the utmost importance to ensure the right compression dressings are worn to minimize bleeding, bruising, and recovery times in general – ask your surgeon for more information.

E – Elevation – This refers to elevating the part of your body that had surgery, be it your legs, arms, or hands. This again helps the body speed up recovery times the natural way.

RICE really is your best friend after undergoing most cosmetic procedures and surgeries!