These Seemingly Harmless Bedtime Habits Are Actually Making You Look Old

These Seemingly Harmless Bedtime Habits Are Actually Making You Look Old 2

If you think you’re doing yourself a favor by getting enough sleep, you are actually right! However, you may not be aware that some (or all of them!) of your bedtime habits may be actually detrimental to your skin health. Worst of all, they might be contributing to the premature appearance of aging such as forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and lines around the mouth area.

Read on below to figure out if your bedtime habits are actually making you look older than you really are.

Sleeping without removing your makeup.

Aside from staining your pillows and bed sheets with makeup, you are actually making your face a breeding ground for millions of bacteria if you sleep with your makeup on. These bacteria can lead to a host of skin problems from acne to allergies to rosacea. So the next time you’re tempted to sleep with your foundation on, just think about how horrible your face will look with tons of pustules and blackheads.

Sleeping on your sides or stomach.

Hello sleep lines! Over time, these sleep lines that appear when you sleep on our sides or stomach may permanently lead to the appearance and folds. Try to sleep on your back as much as possible.

Having a sweet treat before bedtime.

The occasional cookie dunked in a warm glass of milk may be harmless but when done almost every day, you may be actually committing suicide. These sweet treats are filled with highly processed sugar and other ingredients which could lead to an inflammatory response such as skin breakouts. Acne, anyone?

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