Simple Ways To Look Slimmer and Sleeker

Simple Ways To Look Slimmer and Sleeker 2


Sitting and standing with correct posture is the fastest and easiest way to look slimmer. Keep your chin up, shoulders back, and back straight to look your best and feel more confident.


Flattering clothing can make you look much slimmer. Try one of the following ideas to get a sleeker look:

  • Remember that solid dark colors are slimming black clothing is known for its slimming powers, but dark shades of blue, purple, and green can also be slimming while still letting your wardrobe be colorful.
  • Accessorize your casual dresses with a wide belt to nip in the waist.
  • Layer your outfit with a sharp blazer to hide problem areas.


The things you eat can either make you look larger or help you stay slim. Drinking plenty of water helps you avoid dehydration, which can make you bloated. Water is also a zero calorie alternative to many other beverages that can leave you bloated and help you pack on pounds.

It is also wise to limit your carbohydrates since they are easily turned to fat if you don’t use them up for fuel. In general, a well balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains can help you avoid bloating and keep your weight down.


While running and other cardio exercises can help you lose weight, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of strength training. Toning your muscles and improving your strength can help you shave inches off your waist, thighs and upper arms even if you don’t lose any weight.


While a healthy diet and regular exercise are important parts of slimming down, sometimes there are stubborn areas of fat that no amount of exercise or dieting can eliminate. Coolsculpting is a procedure designed to target these stubborn areas. This non-invasive procedure freezes your fat cells and helps your body eliminate them giving you a trimmer physique. To learn more about this option, schedule a consultation at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics.