Skin Resurfacing Without the Recovery

Skin Resurfacing Without the Recovery 2

What does ClearLift help with?

ClearLift helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and skin that has lost some of its tones. It firms up the skin around the eyes, nose, and jaw. It is gentle enough to treat areas that can typically be off-limits because of their sensitivity: areas such as the delicate skin around the eyes, neck, mouth, and chest.

How it works

The Alma laser delivers a controlled dermal wound deep beneath the skin surface. The depths can be varied depending on the goal of the treatment with the maximum depth of 3mm. Because the energy is delivered into the dermis, the outer epidermal layer is undamaged. All repair and healing are going on beneath the epidermis, remodeling and building new collagen.

Unlike other procedures, ClearLift can be used on all skin types.

Benefits of the ClearLift treatment

  • Fast treatment time ClearLift treatments at Northcoast don’t require topical numbing so that treatment time can be as little as 20 minutes.
  • Virtually painless Patients say a ClearLift treatment is comfortable and easy to take.
  • No downtime There is no scabbing, no oozing, no lasting redness, as can be the case with resurfacing treatments. After ClearLift patients can immediately go back to their normal activities or work.

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