Top 5 Reasons To Get That Tattoo Removed

People get tattoos for many and varied reasons and with this form of body art being more or less permanent it’s not surprise that many people also decide to get their tattoos removed as they get older. It may simply be that the image they have on their skin is no longer relevant or as complex as an emotionally loaded lifestyle change. The reasons for removal are as varied as the imagery, but there are a few common themes that regularly come up when you talk tattoo removal.

The Most Common Reasons for Tattoo Removal

  1. Relationship Break-up- All too often people get swept up in the excitement and intensity of an early relationship and make some regrettable choices. If a relationship ends badly the last thing you want is a constant reminder permanently on your skin. Whether it is symbolic, pictorial or the name of a previous lover, relationship tattoos are frequently regretted and removed.
  2. Ideology shift- Political, musical and cultural leanings change as you get older. The 40 something year old professional may regret that huge anarchist tattoo on her back for example.
  3. Career change or progression- Visible tattoos can be frowned upon in an assortment of vocational situations and can mar your ability to gain employment or progress up the career ladder.
  4. Poor Quality or Mistakes- Not all tattooists are created equal. Some make mistakes, and some use poor quality materials that fade, bleed or distort. Many people elect to have poor quality tattoos removed.
  5. Sobering up- Funny as it may sound and despite laws about tattooing intoxicated people, many people get tattoos when they are drunk and instantly regret it the next morning.

No matter what reason prompts your decision to start the tattoo removal process our expert team can help you minimize or erase the regretted and offending image through our comprehensive tattoo removal process.