Understanding the Real Causes of Your Oily Skin

An increasing number of patients here at our Mentor skin care practice are complaining of excess oil particularly in the face, resulting to the dreaded midday makeup meltdown. “I’m not even the oily skin type” is one of the common expressions we hear from these patients.

One of the tenets of our practice is to have a good understanding of each patient’s case to be able to successfully treat their existing skin conditions. When it comes to oily skin, it all boils down to figuring out what’s behind the excessive oil production.

Below is a closer look of what is possibly causing the unwanted shine you get in your face.

  • Genetics. When large pores and excessive oil production runs in the family, there’s a good chance that you’ll also experience clogged pores and frequent skin breakouts.

  • Seasonal shifts. Increase in temperature and humidity levels during the spring and summer seasons can stimulate overproduction of oil in your skin. If you tend to suffer from oily skin during winter and the colder seasons, your skin may actually be dehydrated and overcompensating via excessive oil production.

  • Overuse or misuse of skin care products. We have seen cases of patients who tend to misuse or overuse skin care products (particularly scrubs and moisturizers) and ending up with oily skin.

  • Hormonal shifts in women such as the puberty stage, pregnancy, perimenopause, and menopause.

  • Certain medications such as birth control pills or drugs that can affect hormonal levels.

  • High levels of stress tends to stimulate the production of androgen hormones which in turn can result to excessive oil production.

  • Frequent tanning which can trigger the skin’s injury response and eventually cause a surge of oil production in the skin.

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