Why Varicose Veins are More Than Just a Cosmetic Issue

It’s not uncommon for women who visit us here at our Mentor laser cosmetic practice to complain about the appearance of varicose veins in their legs. By and large, these women consider the occurrence of varicose veins as a cosmetic issue. However, little did they know that varicose veins can also lead to serious health matters if left unattended. Read on below to learn about these conditions!

  • Bleeding – The skin above the engorged veins are prone to injury as they become thinner which in turn can result to bleeding.

  • Occurrence of sores and skin ulcers – Varicose veins and other chronic vein problems tend to cause long-term backward flow of blood which can result to skin ulcers and sores.

  • Thrombophlebitis – This condition is characterized by inflammation in the veins due to the formation of a blood clot just beneath the vein. Thrombophlebitis is characterized by warmth and tenderness in the veins, alongside pain and swelling.

  • Deep vein thrombosis – In this condition, the blood clot is formed in a deeper portion of the vein, opposite of thrombophlebitis where the blood clot is formed superficially. This condition becomes fatal when the blood clot travels to the lungs.

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