Volbella Isn’t a New Italian Red

Volbella Isn't a New Italian Red 2

Juvederm, the world’s most popular filler, has been doing the same thing, although not to occupy more shelf space. Juvederm keeps adding different fillers to specifically target different issues with volume loss. The newest member of the Juvederm family is called Volbella, and it was introduced to the aesthetic world last summer. While its name sounds like a tasty new Italian red wine, Volbella is specifically formulated for the lips, adding subtle volume and erasing vertical lip lines.

We offer Volbella as one of our dermal fillers at Northcoast Laser Cosmetics.

Why does everything lose volume?

It’s an unfortunate thing, but the human body becomes saggier with age. The culprit is collagen, a lack of it. Collagen is a protein in the body responsible for keeping the skin firm and supported. It builds a framework under the skin to do just that.

But as we age, our production of collagen drops one additional percentage point every year after we have our 20th birthday! Add up those numbers, and by our 50th birthday, we have 30 percent less collagen. Without the underlying support, the skin sags and shows volume loss. It happens everywhere: the cheeks, the areas around the mouth, even our lips. Most people don’t think of the lips when they think of volume loss, but aging lips usually become thinner and vertical lip lines become more prevalent.

New to Juvederm

Juvederm, along with Restylane, was one of the original dermal fillers, and it continues to be among the world’s most popular dermal fillers. It was created to address volume loss, particularly where it creates nasolabial folds and parentheses lines around the nose and mouth area. Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that hydrates and plumps the skin. When Juvederm is injected beneath a nasolabial fold, it fills in the area, pushing the crease back up.

After Juvederm came Voluma for the cheeks, Juvederm Ultra to add visible volume to the lips, and now Volbella.

Initially, Ultra was Juvederm’s answer for adding volume to the lips. Its goal was twofold. First, if a person’s lips had lost volume, Ultra would return the volume. Or, if the person never was satisfied with her lips, Ultra could add volume to the lips. With Ultra, a person’s lips gain dramatically more volume.

Volbella adds subtle volume

There was a feeling that the results with Ultra were too pronounced for some people, adding maybe too much volume. Juvederm developed Volbella to also add volume and shape to the lips but to do so in a more subtle way. Plus, Volbella smoothes the irritating vertical lip lines that form with volume loss.

Want to add subtle volume to your lips? Volbella could be a great product for you. Call the team at Northcoast Laser, 440-NEW-FACE, to schedule an appointment.