What Really Works in Eliminating Acne Scars

What Really Works in Eliminating Acne Scars 2

The trouble with acne is that the battle is only half over once it fades. At our practice, men and women seek treatments or products that really work against post-acne scars and blemishes.

For the most part, acne scarring can be prevented through the following:
Avoid sun exposure while healing from acne. Exposure to UV rays contributes to scar darkening.
Avoid using harsh anti-acne products. These products significantly reduce skin elasticity, which in turn will intensify acne scarring.
The temptation to pick or pop your pimples may be strong but the habit should be avoided at all costs. The introduction of bacteria onto your hands may cause further inflammation.

Pixel perfect for acne scars
There are numerous acne scar treatments out there but many of our clients at North Coast Laser swear that our Pixel Perfect laser treatment has significantly lightened their acne scars. Pixel Perfect offers dramatic outcomes with fewer risks than other laser treatments. Plus, healing is shorter than other standard acne scar treatments.

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