Zap Those Unsightly Leg Veins

Blaming your parents for your job or your disposition or whatever is a dicey business. But those tiny red and blue squiggly lines on your legs and face? Those you can blame them for.

Yes, spider veins and other unsightly leg veins, those curly little monsters tend to multiply with age, but they also have a genetic tendency. Go ahead and thank Mom.

At Northcoast Laser we give those unsightly leg veins the laser treatment! Our lasers can safely eliminate or greatly reduce the appearance of leg veins, spider veins, and broken capillaries, all the way up to 4mm in diameter.

How do lasers kill veins?

Our laser treatment follows the same plan, without the painful injections. We deliver laser energy through a handpiece that has a cooling tip to protect your skin. The dark pigment in the blood vessel absorbs that laser energy where it becomes heat. This heat makes the vein wall collapse and over time the body absorbs the closed vein. Any blood that was passing through the vein is simply rerouted by the body to an adjacent vein.

How long before the veins go away?

The appearance of your unwanted veins of blood vessels will dramatically fade or disappear during your treatment. Some vessels may show temporary redness and swelling that may turn into what resembles a cat scratch. The “bruising” of the treated vessel will gradually fade over the next two to eight weeks.

Number of treatments

Most patients only need two treatments, but everyone is different. Sometimes a vein will go away after one treatment, others after three. Treatments are usually spaced eight weeks apart.

Want to get rid of those pesky spider veins and broken capillaries in time for summer? Call us at Northcoast Laser, 440-639-3223, and let’s zap them!